DAC is a service based security installation, maintenance and repairs company established in 1991, and we're committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of service.
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Highlands North, JHB
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Access control

Accountability – DAC installs access control systems, from card and tag readers to fingerprint readers. Stand alone to multi function. Solo / Proxnet / ZK / Paradox. We fit high security locks onto wood, steel or alumunium doors and gates, with or without battery back up and design larger systems to suit clients individual specifications. Effective for staff registers and can be integrated into payroll systems. Know where and whom can be found and control where they go.

Alarm systems

Forewarned – Years of experience means the best design for your unique requirements. In order to keep control you need to be aware or be made aware of what is happening in your home or business in order to control your environment and therefore be secure. Security ‘real’ or ‘perceived’ that is where DAC comes in. Design, the ability to understand, conceptualise, prioritise and deliver, at all times keeping the clients unique requirements and budget into consideration. One of our trained sales people will be delighted to assist. We are the biggest independent purchases of Paradox products in Africa and have always believed that backing up our guarantees is as important as doing a new installation. We also import GJD outdoor detectors. We do off site SMS and IP app based modules which allows you full control over your alarm away from home or work.

CCTV- Analogue or IP

Seeing is believing – Quality and the ability to deliver to suit clients expectations. If you just need to have a general view, if you need a specific view or if you need close control, it’s all available and what you get is completely determined by your requirements and budget. Let us design and spec a system to suit. We only work with professional products, not DIY stuff. Systems from R 10000 to close to a million – we’ve done them all. Standalone, off site, no corners cut. Analogue, HDCVI, IP lets ‘see’ what you need. Your garage door directly on the road? You need a big monitor in the garage and cameras to see what’s going on before you open the door. Keep an eye on the driveway, the yard, the pool and all the neighbours if that’s what you fancy. We set up off site monitoring via cellphone and web browsers enabling you to constantly be able to check up on your property at your convenience.

Booms, Turnstiles and Spike Barriers

Integrated – for all types of turnstiles, spike barriers and booms for road closures, businesses and complexes. Completed installations for road closures in Dowerglen and Dunvegan to name a few. Full road closures from building islands, access control, CCTV survellance- the full solution!

Electric Fencing

Barrier – Always on and in your face, if done right. These days electric fencing needs to comply to strict requirements. If you sell or buy a house with electric fencing it needs to be compliant. DAC are compliant. Fencing has been around for a long time and we are seeing more and more installations that need upgrading because they are no longer secure. It’s all about how the fence has been designed, installed and maintained. Cut back foliage, no loose or broken wires, no rusted wires. Your fence tells a story about how you view your security.

Gates and Gate Motors

Motion in slow motion – Having spoken to motor manufacturers from all over the world, I asked “what is the single biggest factor in gate motor reliability?” and the answer was “the gate wheels!“ Keep the track clean, keep the wheels lubricated and make sure the wheels are the right size for the job. It is also very important to make sure that the gate is as secure as it can be. The rack should be protected and there should be anti lift brackets on all sliding gates. Swing gates can be protected with a strong outdoor mag lock. The remote systems should be ‘high security’ code hopping devices and not the old fixed code remotes. We are able to manufacture gates to your liking and are able to repair motors down to component level. Our fault finding is second to none.

Garage Doors and Garage Door Motors

Balanced – There are two distinct parts, the door and the motor. And it’s the biggest moving item in the home. It can be dangerous. Requires regular maintenance and servicing. We can help if you stuck in or out, but not if you stuck under. If the door is not balanced the motor will break. If you fix the motor and the door is not balanced, it will break again. Both need regular servicing. Please book in a job card if the door is making a noise, the motor straining or if you haven’t had a service in a long time. The springs on the door are designed to act as a counter balance, but they are made out of steel and get weaker as they are used. They can just break from metal fatigue. We fit and repair any types of garage doors whether it be single, double, wooden or steel. We do tip ups, roll ups and slated, whichever you prefer. We only use the best suppliers for our doors. We do battery back up motors.


Audio – At the front gate, front door, in the house, normal or intercommunicating, over the phone lines, small or large systems, simple to sophisticated, we do them all.

Road Closures

Block and check – from design of steelwork, building of guard houses, fabrication, electrical, a complete package by DAC. Our first one looks and works as well today as it did 18 years ago (see booms).


Strength – Form and function, looks good, works well. This is not mass manufacture. It’s a made to order product, done right. Gates, burglar bars, mounting poles, fence brackets, we even built a moving bridge.

DSTV Systems and Decoders

Entertainment – done the right way, with back up. We install all versions of satelite decoders such as open view, DSTV and setting up extra view (enabling you to view different channels on different TV’s using the same account).

Wireless Networks

Connectivity – keeps you connected with no need to run a wired network. We use Unify.

Wireless HiFi Systems

Sound – yes – good quality sound. All over your house in different rooms with different music, controlled by you from your phone or tablet. SONOS

Fibre Optic Networks

Reticulation – special glass wiring to make the internet fly and your lives better. Hopefully coming to your area soon!