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Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (COC)

Is your electric fence compliant?

Electric fencing accessories


In South Africa the Electric Machinery Regulations (Government Notice No. R250 (Government Gazette 34154) of 25 March 2011, published in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993) (OHS Act), which is administered by the Chief Inspector of Occupational Health and Safety of the Department of Labour, requires that all electric fence installations (non-lethal), temporary or permanent, comply with the requirements of SANS 10222-3. It also requires that an accredited person, defined as an electric fence installer, issues an Electric Fence Certificate for an electric fence installation (non-lethal), and that the certificate be in the form of the Electric Fence Certificate published in the Electrical Machinery Regulations or in the form published in this standard as an example.

The provisions of SANS 10222-3 apply only to the selection, application and installation of electric fencing equipment, associated appliances and accessories, which are part of the electric fence installation (non-lethal), temporary or permanent. This standard does not apply to systems with voltages below 50 V. d.c. or 35 V a.c. or, to the construction and safety of the equipment associated appliances and accessories.

Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (COC)

  1. Every user or lessor of an electric fence, as the case may be, shall have an original valid Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance.
  2. The Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance shall be accompanied by a test report in a format approved by the Chief Inspector.
  3. Certificates are transferable, provided the certificate is less than two years old.
  4. Every user or lessor of an electric fence, as the case may be, shall on request produce the Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance for that installation to an inspector.
  5. Where an addition, alteration, replacement or change has been effected to an electric fence installation for which an Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance was previously issued, the user or lessor of such installation shall obtain a certificate for at least the addition, alteration, replacement or change.
  6. A registered person shall only issue an Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance which has a unique number obtainable from the Chief Inspector.

Paradox Insite Gold Alarm App

The iParadox App which used to be the standard App for connecting to your Paradox alarm system from your smartphone is at it’s end of life and the new and improved App which replaces it is called Insite Gold.


If you have an existing IP module it can be updated on site to the latest version and set up to work through Insite Gold.


You will need to download the Insite Gold App from either the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store, the App is free but you will need to purchase a license on the App when being set up. (We recommended that an installer such as DAC Security does this for you)


1 year license @ $14 (± R130)

3 year license @ $38 (± R550)


* License price dependent on exchange rate

You can follow the below links to download the new App. The link that you will follow will depend on which App store you use (Google Play Store/Apple).





GJD – Alarm Detectors

The Pearl sensor is an outdoor detector, which uses PIR, anti-masking and microwave sensors for triple detection. … GJD Pearl Curtain Beam Outdoor Detector.


The MX35 is an external wired PIR motion detector with a programmable detection range from 10m up to 35m.

D-Tect1 MkII – PIR detector, det. zone max. 30 x 30 m, mounting height 1,5 – 6 m. … Outdoor PIR detector for commercial and residential applications.



Sentian Integration System

Sentian – An innovative integration system that integrates your alarm, CCTV, gate & home automation into one easy to use app. This system bolts onto your existing gate, garage, CCTV & alarm systems.

Sentian is a ‘brain’ for your home or business security. It is a smart integration hub which connects your existing alarm, CCTV and automation to each other, the internet and your smart phone. This means that when your alarm is triggered Sentian will send you a 12 second video directly to your phone, actually showing you what triggered your alarm. It also allows you to respond to an alarm event – you can push the panic button to escalate the call to armed response, open the gate to allow them to enter, turn on the outside lights, and watch them walk around your property. All from your bedroom, or from the other side of the world.

Just some of the Sentian features:

  • Arm, disarm or panic your alarm.
  • Watch live video from your CCTV cameras.
  • Open your garage/ gate for armed response.
  • Search and review archive video by event.
  • Discover and bypass troublesome sensors.
  • Control your lights, plugs or geyser.
  • Get notified when the kids get home, staff arrive, or someone enters a restricted area.
  • Control multiple Sentian powered properties with one app.
  • Simply and easily share access to your home without handing out your alarm code or gate remotes.



Below is an image of what the Sentian unit looks like.